Takes too long to load the application (more than a minute)

Hello everyone!

I'm new in shiny io and have the free plan.
I've just deployed an application in shiny io and it's working properly. However, after clicking in the web page, it takes more than 1 minute to load. While it's loading, it keeps written "Please wait...".
This is normal? Is there anything I can do to reduce this time? If I upgrade to the Basic Plan it'll probably load faster?

In the code, I just read some small csv, but I generate a lot of plots with plotly.

Thanks a lot!

How is the time to load when you do it locally (not on shinyapps.io )?
We don't know why your app is slow, but you can find out by profiling it with profvis or tictoc package etc.

It also takes a while to load it locally.
I have a table with just a few lines. However, I am executing dozens of plots with plotly. I think this may be the reason.

What these packages (profvis/tictoc) do? How can they help me?


Btw, I'm using the rsconnect package to deploy it.

So its unlikely a higher tier shinyapps.io service would make any difference

You need to know what code is slow so that you can improve it, thats called profiling.

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Great, thanks a lot!