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I'm trying to draw a Taylor graph as in the attached screenshot I shared below. However, Rstudio gives the Error "Error in is.data.frame(y) : 'Aydin_hist_Pr45.csv' object not found". My code is as below. I don't know what's missing in my code. Plus, if you could just tell me how I can draw Taylor's graph for multiple GCM results.

setwd('C:/Users/Asus/Documents/ArcGIS/ArcGIS - Copy/evaporation/Downscaling Files')






taylor.diagram(aydin_mgm_temp_mon.csv, Aydin_hist_Pr45.csv)

Hello @ibrakadabra,


to see what arguments the taylor.diagram function expects.
According to this the arguments you specify should be numerical vectors.
The names you use suggest that you pass here the names of two csv files.
They can not be read by the taylor.diagram function.

I think you should first read the contents of the csv files into an R 'thing' : a data.frame.
See for some starters in this field https://education.rstudio.com/learn/beginner/

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Thank you so much for the reply.
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