Teacher Moving from Free Account to Instuctor Account

I'm about to start a 1-semester HS data science course. As we get started in the first month, expect that the 25-hour free accounts will be sufficient for both my students and myself. At some point, I expect that usage will go up to the point where their individual 25 hours would be exceeded. My plan at that stage would be to upgrade my current basic free account to an Instructor account and then share the link with my students. Here are a few questions:

  1. Will my students be able to transition right over to connecting to my Instructor account once I send them
    the invite, at which time they'll start pulling from my pool of hours ?
  2. Once my students accept the invite, will all their subsequent hours come from my pool?
  3. Will any projects that the students originally used before the change still be accessible to them?

Am I missing something in my planned scenario ? Any other thoughts/concerns/advice on how to make the transition as simple as possible would be appreciated.

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