the cell size changed when editing in DT

Hello everyone
I'm using shiny and DT to make a small app for my workmate.
Here is the problem I meet.

I have a datatframe to show by DT, which contain some long str. These str should be editable.
all the app work fine.
But when I try to make some change in the str dataframe, I find something inconvenient.
The origin cell was transformed into several line automatically.
When I was editing, the "cell" or the "editable area" changed into only one line in a small "window". And I need to use "<" button to get to the star part of the string.


I doubt if there is any way to set the size of the "editable area", which could be as big as the origin cell size ?

Thanks a lot

I think thats just how the standard inline-editor works for datatable.
datatable does provide a template feature that means you could apply custom styles to the form to pop up when you click edit the table.