the fontsize of title in pheatmap pacgage

How can I change the font size of the title of a graphic created by the pheatmap package

You can change the argument fontsize, which changes the size of all the text. You might need to change fontsize_row and fontsize_col to keep those fixed. Unfortunately, I don't know of any way to control separately the "main" fontsize from the "legends" fontsize.

While {pheatmap} is great in most cases, if you need finer control of the appearance it might be easier

  • with {ggplot2}, using pivot_longer() and geom_tile(). Works great as long as you don't need dendrograms
  • with {complexHeatmap}, which takes some learning and is a bit more complicated, but allows very fine control over every aspect.

Thank you~ ,I achieve this goal by adjusting three parameters fontsize,fontsize_row,fontsize_col

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