The logo image is not showing in my shiny application.

I have a shiny application. It's UI is developed in HTML. I have a logo to be displayed in the shiny application. I am trying to call the image in HTML but it is not showing.
How to render a logo in R shiny through HTML page.

you put image resoures in a subfolder of your project called www
when you refer to them in html you do so without providing any path (shiny takes care that resources in www folder are there to be used like that)

I did the same thing. But still it's not showing the image. In inspect option in the page, it is showing blank.

What html do you use ?

This is the screen shot of my HTML file. The image "logo.png" is in www subfolder.


one issue I found is that the app needs to be run via the runApp method for the www folder to come available. After that I am able to run by other methods also, but need one runApp in my session for it to start. Could that be your issue ?

Exactly. Was stuck in the same. Still, thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry, I'm unclear. Are you satisfied that it works now ?

Yes. It is working :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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