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The Looma Project focuses on storytelling in grocery via human-centric short films that play in store, seeking to connect consumers to the people behind the products. The data team at Looma seeks to understand how well these storytelling campaigns are performing and communicate to internal and external stakeholders. This involves integrating several data sources, building scalable analysis and modeling pipelines, and visually communicating results in dashboards, Shiny apps, and reports. We use Fivetran, dbt, and BigQuery as the primary tools to ingest, transform, and store analytics data, and R for everything else. We have internal R packages for generating reports, running models, and automating a variety of things. The analytics engineer on the team will be primarily responsible for the ingestion and transformation activities, so data should be ready for analysis in R!

Looma Background
Looma exists to connect shoppers to the people and stories behind food & beverage products. Our first product, Loop™, is a network of smart tablets in grocery stores that play short, human-centric films connecting producer to consumer. The data generated by Loop™ fuels our proprietary film production and optimization processes, forming a flywheel we believe will one day power the world’s most sophisticated platform for human-centric point-of-decision video.

Position Summary
Our small and mighty data science team builds out our data, reporting, and modeling capabilities. We are responsible for all aspects of full-stack data science and seek team members who are “T-shaped” within this realm. The ideal candidate has the willingness and ability to jump into all of these areas while having strengths in at least two:

  • R package development
  • Building scalable analysis processes
  • Dashboard and internal application development (ex. RMarkdown, Shiny)
  • Data visualization and quantitative communication

At Looma you’ll have the opportunity to work with various stakeholders, move quickly and build things, and shape the impact of data science on the company’s future.

As a member of the data science team, collaboratively:

  1. Design and build data products, models, and reporting interfaces that will help customers and internal stakeholders understand how campaigns perform and why
  2. Develop and maintain robust programmatic analysis pipelines and reporting tools
  3. Communicate with engineering and internal stakeholders regarding data models, data integrity, and data accessibility
  4. Build and maintain data pipelines that make accurate and up-to-date datasets available for analysis (in partnership with our Analytics Engineer)


  1. Intuitive, experience-tested understanding of how to iteratively develop data products, analysis code, and data-oriented user interfaces that will scale
  2. Respect for the practices that make for robust analytics (version control, testing, package development, team planning, etc.)
  3. Empathy for the end-users of analytics products and drive to meet user needs while maintaining analytical integrity
  4. Experience programming with R and enthusiasm for using the tools in the R ecosystem
  5. Ability to thrive in a dynamic startup environment with a wide variety of analytics projects

Tech Stack

  • Our data science work relies heavily on the R ecosystem, including the tidyverse, RMarkdown, Shiny, and RStudio Connect
  • Our data pipelines use dbt and Fivetran
  • Our analytical data infrastructure is focused on Google BigQuery
  • We use GraphQL APIs internally
  • We ingest a combination of internally- and externally-generated data
  • Our broader technical stack is GCP-centric and relies on Golang and Typescript

Structure & Compensation
Looma will provide a competitive compensation package consisting of base salary and stock options. All Looma compensation packages include cash / equity flexibility (i.e. you can opt for more equity and less cash or vice-versa).


  • Employee coverage for health, dental, and vision (gold plan)
  • Unlimited PTO (15-day minimum)
  • 12-week primary caregiver leave
  • Flexible office setting (office, flex, or WFH, with associated stipends)
  • $100/month craftsmanship stipend

Looma’s Hiring Philosophy
Culture is incredibly important to us, particularly in the early days. Regardless of role, strong contributors to Looma's culture will exhibit and aspire to the following seven characteristics.

  1. Humility
  2. Integrity
  3. Wisdom
  4. Emotional Intelligence
  5. Grit
  6. Joyfulness
  7. Fun

Diversity & Nondiscrimination
Looma believes diversity is a fundamental good, and we are committed to promoting diversity both in our workplace and through the stories we tell. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability status, age, marital status, protected veteran status, class or caste status, or any other protected class. Our global nondiscrimination policy covers these protected classes in every market in which we do business.

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