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The New York Times Best Selling Authors

Authors: Tanya Shapiro

Abstract: Graphic summarizing Top 5 New York Time's Best Selling Authors for each decade. Data from #TidyTuesday.

Full Description: This graphic was created as part of the #TidyTuesday challenge. The data set provided contained information for New York Times best sellers, including number of weeks each book appeared on the list. The graphic was constructed with {ggplot2} to create a faceted table image per decade with the top 5 authors. Sparkline included to show number of weeks for each year within respective decade spans. Author images were plotted using {ggimage}.

Table Type: static-print
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: Tanya Shapiro
Code: TidyTuesday/nyt-best-sellers.R at master · tashapiro/TidyTuesday · GitHub
Cloud project:
Languages: Built with R: true. Built with Python: false.
Industries: .
Other packages: ggplot2, ggimage, ggtext

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