the procedure entry point extptr_ptr could not be located in the dynamic link library rlang.dll

When I open R, the following prompt appears. When I installed the package, this error message appeared again.
I saw someone answer: updating to the latest version of R solved the problem. I am not sure if this is really the case. Since I am using a computer in the school computer room and do not have permission to update or redownload the R software.

My advice is that you ask an administrator at your school to help you install the software you wish to use.

or you could try using rstudio cloud, there is a reasonable free tier, and it might be the quickest/easiest way for you to start to work. RStudio Cloud

Thank you very much for your reply.
I am a beginner in RStudio Cloud. Does the code running on RStudio Cloud run under the Linux system environment? Since when I try to upload the local R package and then library, I get an error:

This binary package is for windows, so I guess the error '.so not found' is something with the Linux system environment, am I right?

yes, the cloud runs on a linux OS

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