The results blogdown::serve_site() it is not the same with blogdown::build_site()

Hi ,
Please, I need help. I try to make simple blog with blogdown but I don't have the same results with blogdown::serve_site() and blogdown::build_site().

With serve_site(), it'is ok. I have this

With build_site, I didn't have the blog post. The blog post not appear.

I deploy it in netflify, here
My code can be find here


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Have a look at this chapter of the bookdown book for the difference

One difference is that your draft posts are show when previewing but not when building

Draft and future posts are always rendered when local = TRUE , but not when local = FALSE . This is for you to preview draft and future posts locally.

Is it possible that all your post are still drafts ? (draft: true in the yaml header)

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Great. It work perfectly. Thank.
Merci bien

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