The Rpubs bottom disappeared

It's terrible that it is not possible to publish markdown html documents in Rpubs anymore.

I spend all morning trying to solve the problem just to find a minute ago that it is necessary to pay the service RConnect.

It is disappointing.

As far as I know, it is still free to publish rmarkdown html documents on RPubs. I just tested this and was able to publish an html document from RStudio to my free RPubs account. Can you provide additional details on what went wrong when you tried to publish your document on RPubs? You can find instructions for publishing on RPubs here.

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Thank you for your answer joels,

I found a prior post related with this issue.

I'm using RStudio version 1.2.5033

When I go to Tools / Global Options / Publishing RStudio asks for publishing accounts in
or in RStudio Connect.

The option for RPubs is no longer available.

As you tell me that you were perfectly able to publish recently an Rmarkdown report, I do not know what I'm doing wrong

Thank you for your help

On any Rmarkdown document, go to the "publish" button and choose "Publish Document"

Then you will see the RPubs option


Thank you for your help andresrcs

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Sorry for any confusion here.

Just to follow-up on this; folks are still able to publish static Rmd docs to rpubs. andresrcs and joels refer to steps to take to make this happen. The other thread (Suggestion: bring back the "Publish to Rpubs" option) only refers to a tweak on how publishing to rpubs works (the removal of the "Publish to Rpubs" option in global options - Jonathan has a nice discussion for why that happened in the link above), not a removal of the ability to publish to rpubs.


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