The RStudio Cloud Free vs Instructor version?

Hello, I’m an education director for my data science club at my university, and I’m giving workshops in R. I’m using Rstudio cloud for this, and my intentions are to create a notebook, and have students be able to make their own copy and work along on it without changing the copy I’m working in. essay writer I saw that the instructor version makes this easier with the assignments option. My question is, do I absolutely have to have the instructor subscription in order to just have students have their own copy of a notebook to follow along? Or can I do it with the free version? I just want them to be able to save a copy of the notebook in their own workspace.

I think the answer to this depends on the number of students you have. A free plan is allowed to have up to 1 shared space which is limited to 5 members and 10 projects. SO you shouldn't have any problems using assignments, as long as you have 5 or less students.

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