There are restrictions on uploading more than 10,000 files to

My local data is very small but has 100,000 files. There is no problem with the capacity that Shinyapp is limiting, but there is a problem with the number of files. How can I upload all the local data?
Local data is a .csv file.

shiny app limit capacity/file count: 3GB/10,000
Local data capacity/file count: 100MB/100,000

Error text :
it contains too many files(the maximum number of files is 10000). Remove some files or adjust the rsconnect.max.bunfle.files option

Unhandled Exception: Child Task 993899356 failed: Error parsing manifest: Manifest file count (38062) greater than maximum allowed (6000)


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I don't know what is in the files, but 100,000 of them sounds like a lot :slight_smile: If the total size is very small, it seems that this might not be the best way of storing the data.

Here are two suggestions not knowing the actual data content:

  • Merge small csv files into one large file by adding a unique file id
  • Use a SQLite database to store and access the data instead.

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