"This site can't be reached" Error when trying to launch RStudio on Windows 10

Hello Everyone,
I was trying to find a solution to the above but wasn't successful and couldn't reply to those who had this issue because the topics were closed. I am in no way an expert with RStudio nor am I the best at writing how-tos but I thought I will create a new topic in hopes that what I found will help someone out there.

I installed R and Rstudio but when I disconnected from the company network RStudio wouldn't open and would give me the following error.

This site cant be reached
The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT

Please note that the issue and fix relates to the free version running on Windows 10 x64 in an SOE but may be relevant for stand alone OS environments too.

R v3.6.1
RStudio v1.2.1335

Some troubleshooting history:
When you download the free version of RStudio it comes with a single user license and will want to attach itself to a user profile. Attempting to install directly in C:/program files will fail because this installation will make it multi user. In my case installation was defaulting to my online profile (\ad.xx.xx\DShare\homes\user...) so when I disconnected from the network I also disconnected from the network share and was using my locally synced profile. So RStudio needs to see this profile in order to work properly.

Here is what fixed the issue:
I Uninstalled R studio. When reinstalling I changed the installation path to C:/Users/username(This will be whatever your username is). Proceed with installation as normal after this point. Open Rstudio and hey presto everything is working fine.

I hope this helps someone and most of all I hope it makes sense.


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