Thoughts on reproducible research (functions)

I am getting ready to give a talk on reproducible research using R/RStudio with git/GitHub and I am looking for thoughts on what else to add. My audience is mostly absolute novices but I expect to have a few code warriors who do not keep track of the new features in the RStudio interface. I am focusing on the "word processing tools" built into the modern RStudio IDE and R Markdown. The 35 minute watch before you get here is done: and the "slides" are on the web:

I am outlining an hour long "live code" session where I will show people the research papers I am writing (on HIV and mental health).

I want to show useful functions for "inline" R code in an R Mardown document. I use a few libraries/functions all the time:

  • stringr::str_to_title()
  • xfun::n2w()
  • scales::percent(blah, scientific=FALSE)
  • scales::pvalue(blah, accuracy = 0.001, add_p =TRUE)

Does anybody have thoughts on what other functions are useful for "writing" the text in a paper? Anybody see anything important missing from the slides/video?

Gratefully yours,

I find the glue package to be useful in making sentences and popping in things easily.

Sounds interesting. From the link, I was only able to see the first slide.

Thanks for the feedback. The arrow keys should take you though the slides.

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