tidymodels saving models

How to save a tidymodels/parsnip model (engine='brms') or workflow, for later refit/usage in another R-session?

We don't have an engine for that but, for the most part, you can use save() or saveRDS() to save the model object.

There are some exceptions, such as xgboost, light gum, kerns, torch, and h2o model. We are working on a package to easily save those types of models.


See GitHub - rstudio/bundle: Prepare objects for serialization with a consistent interface but it is still "very early on in its development and is not yet minimally functional".
(LightGBM won't be supported, because its next major version (4.0) will be able to do that via saveRDS() without any additional support necessary).

Thanks for the note.

bundle will go to CRAN soon. We're waiting on a new h2o release - maybe within two weeks.

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