Tidyr dev version not happening.

Wanted to install latest dev version of tidyr to play with gather/spread replacements on Win 10 but system wouldn't take...reject! Now have a lock situation. Anyone else? Thoughts?


can you provide more informations ?
what did you try ?
What is the error message ?
what reject means ?
What is a lock situation ?


Follow the advice they give you by trying to remove the 00LOCK-TIDYR file

You won't be able to install until it is removed. It is from a previous unfinished installation

Also next time, please include information as text and not image. It will be easier to read and trying to reproduce. Thanks.

Thanks. How exactly would I remove the 00LOCK-TIDYR file? Should I delete tidyr or the tidyverse packages and then reinstall?

just delete the file that is indicated in the message. Follow the path.
I can't copy paste because you posted an image, but the path of the file to delete is in the image.


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