Time series Forecasting with Daily values

I am doing forecasting with auto.Arima with uni-variate data but my forecast is not correct. I have used all the steps correctly but the point forecast value is not coming out to be right. Please help me.

Here is my data:

s <- read.csv(url('https://ondemand.websol.barchart.com/getHistory.csv?apikey=c3122f072488a29c5279680b9a2cf88e&symbol=zs*1&type=dailyNearest&backAdjust=false&startDate=20100201'))

Here is my code:

    data <- s[c(3, 7)]
    data1.ts <- zoo(data[,2], seq(from = as.Date("2010-02-01"), to = as.Date("2022-05-13"), by = 1))

Arima Model:

fit_arima <- auto.arima(data1.ts, stepwise = FALSE, approximation = FALSE, trace = TRUE)

forecast_Arima <- forecast(fit_arima, h = 1)

Foreacst Value:

          Point Forecast   Lo 80    Hi 80   Lo 95    Hi 95
    19126       976.4357 949.874 1002.997 935.813 1017.058

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