Time series ( simple question)

Hi guys, I need your help!
I have to replicate a table in which there are some variables ( gdp growth, labor share, etc)
I have a database that cointains for each country the times series ( 1960-2000) of the base variables.
How can I compute a unique value starting from a time series??

For example:
I need to compute the Capital Share ( K / Y ) of USA
In the database I have the time serie of K and the time serie of Y
If I make K / Y with R , I get a time series as a result, but I need instead a single number ( as in the table that I have to replicate )

Should I make an average of all the observations in K and an average of all the observations in Y an then make the ratio?

Or should I compute the difference from the first observation and the last one for both variables and then make the ratio?

thanks to anyone who will help me

There is no right answer but it is probably best to take the average of the ratio rather than the ratio of the averages

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