Time series with daily Frequency

Hey, I have this data but, I couldn't be able to fit the Ts on the data perfectly that will plot the correct time plot for the data.

Here is my data:

s <- read.csv(url('https://ondemand.websol.barchart.com/getHistory.csv?apikey=c3122f072488a29c5279680b9a2cf88e&symbol=zs*1&type=dailyNearest&backAdjust=false&startDate=20100201'))

Here is my code:

data <- s[c(3, 7)]
ts_soy <- ts(data[,2], start = c(2010-02-01), frequency = 365.25)

When I loaded the data "tradingDay" had a character class, so R was treating it like text, not a date.

I think that may have been your issue.

I'm not sure what you're going for in the end, but maybe something like this?


# Coerce tradingDay to date format (and make data a tibble, unnecessary, but nice)
data <- as_tibble(data) %>% 
  mutate(tradingDay = as_date(tradingDay))

# Simple plot of time series
ggplot(data, aes(x = tradingDay, y = close)) + geom_line()

I hope that helps,


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hey, thanks for reaching out, I want to run arima forecasting on it. But my frequency is off.

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