time to install packages using packagemanager.rstudio.com

After the news of the release of the package manager I tried to use it to see how faster it was compared with a normal installation.
I read this page and I used
system.time({install.packages('dplyr', repos = "https://packagemanager.rstudio.com/all/__linux__/centos8/latest/")})
and, for comparison:
system.time({install.packages('dplyr', repos=c('http://stat.ethz.ch/CRAN/'))})

The times I get are very similar: 86 seconds versus 72, with CRAN faster. What I am doing wrong? The installation of binaries is supposed to be faster.
The test was in a docker container with centos 8, R 4.0.1 used from command line (no Rstudio).


Hi Laura!

Are you sure it is not still installing from source? You can tell it is if you see something like * installing source package '{pkg}'.

If so, then this thread could help you: RStudio Package Manager 1.1.0 is out now

Specifically this part helped me the most: https://docs.rstudio.com/rspm/admin/binaries.html#binary-user-agents

Thanks a lot!
That solved the problem.

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