Timevis Integration with DataTables

What suggestions does the community have for integrating data tables and timevis? Thus far, I have created a Shiny project that can display data in both widgets. I would like to synchronize both widgets and filter the data table using zoom actions and possibly select actions. Does anyone know what could be done to achieve this integration?

It is easy enough to make use reactive inputs like suggested in the examples - rendering results to browser displayed in a control or rendered as text in a browser. However, I wish to apply a data table filter using currently visible items in the timevis panel (i.e. zoom interactions). The selection of a specific timevis item ought to hightlight the corresponding row from the data table. The latter is more of a nice to have.

It is possible to build reactivity for zoom events (i.e. the time interval proxies for the visible items). I'm still trying figure out how to manipulate the data table in response. It would be useful to programmatically apply a filter as there is little efficiency in exchanging the table data. Besides, I may want to maintain the user's capacity to apply search criteria manually to the entire dataset. It does not make sense for this reason.

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