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Hello, I try to install Tinytex on R for my assignment, but without success. I have installed before MacTex, a LaTex program for Mac. After I try to install Tinytex the following output is written on the console:
Detected an existing tlmgr at /Library/TeX/texbin/tlmgr. It seems TeX Live has been installed (check tinytex::tinytex_root()). You have to uninstall it, or use install_tinytex(force = TRUE) if you are sure TinyTeX can override it (e.g., you are a PATH expert or installed TinyTeX previously).
Before the installation of MacTex on the console was written usr/local/bin not writable.


Sounds like you may need to uninstall MacTeX before installing TinyTeX. Note that you'll save a lot of space by doing this, but if you already have MacTeX installed you probably don't necessarily need to install TinyTeX.

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