"toolbar position: static" not working in bookdown?

Is it just me or does setting the toolbar position to static have no impact at all on the behavior of the toolbar? It is constantly floating at the top of the screen.

(I don't actually mind it being there, but I was trying to turn it off to see if that would allow the default iOS behavior of hiding the nav bar and top bar when you scroll up. Speaking of which, I think I'll make a separate question for that...)

I checked with bookdown-demo and if I set

      position: static

In gitbook config, I correctly get a fixed toolbar, i.e if I scoll down on a long page the toolbar disappear from the screen as it is static at the top of the page, and not fixed as the top of the screen.

Seems to work fine.Maybe a browser issue ?

Ugh. The difference wasn't the browser. It was a simple typo in my YAML.

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