Tooltip/Hover Text in Plotly

I am using the R programming language. I learned how to make interactive plots in R using plotly :


iris %>% plot_ly(type = 'parcoords', line = list(color = ~as.integer(Species), 
         colorscale = list(c(0,'red'),c(0.5,'green'),c(1,'blue'))), 
         dimensions = list( list(range = c(2,4.5), label = 'Sepal Width', values = ~Sepal.Width), 
                      list(range = c(4,8), constraintrange = c(5,6), label = 'Sepal Length', values = ~Sepal.Length), 
                      list(range = c(0,2.5), label = 'Petal Width', values = ~Petal.Width), 
                      list(range = c(1,7), label = 'Petal Length', values = ~Petal.Length) ) )  

Suppose if I was to add an "id" column to the data set, e.g.

df <- iris %>% mutate(id = row_number())

Is it possible so that when you "click" on any of the "lines" on this plot, information from the dataset (i.e. "df") corresponding to row of that line appears?



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