Top 3 Box without TRUE FALSE

I'm new to RStudio. I'm able to create top 3 and bottom 3 boxes in my tables, but it displays as "TRUE" and "FALSE" like this...

The code that i used is...

X4607 %>%
tab_cells(qcs1a_SQ001, "Top 3 Box"=qcs1a_SQ001>7 & qcs1a_SQ001<11, "Bottom 3 Box"=qcs1a_SQ001<=2) %>%
tab_cols(total(), spcode) %>%
tab_stat_cpct() %>%
tab_last_sig_cpct() %>%

Is there any way to just have the number of 'TRUE' come in under the "top 3 box" label and get rid of the "TRUE" and "FALSE" displaying.

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