tracking shiny usage - news?

I have seen this: Shiny - Shiny App Usage Tracking but it is quite old.

I am worried about the legallity of using google analytics without the user's consent (google analytics is dealing with IP adresses, that is personal data following GDPR rules). See How do I use Matomo Analytics without consent or cookie banner? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo for an explanation of my concerns.

I think it would be nice to update the help page with some additional information about the need of a consent screen if using googleanalytics.

I was also wondering if there was a simpler solution than matomo around nowadays ?

The shinylogs package is a simple alternative for usage tracking. Probably won't get as much detailed data as you would with a 3rd party tool but is fairly easy to set up and perhaps less of an issue with GDPR (no IP addresses etc.).

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