Transfer/Email Quarto produced html files

When I would create a html document in RMarkdown, the file transfer/email process was straightforward; I would simply transfer/email the resulting html file.

However, when I try to do the same with a Quarto document, I do not get all of the functionality in the transferred file. For example, my Quarto document includes tabs using the ::: {.panel-tabset} option. When I open the transferred html document, the panel-tabsets are not displayed properly.

I believe that this is because Quarto also produces files in a separate directory. However, I trying to programmatically email the html document out to a distribution, and sendmailR is not letting me attach this directory.

Furthermore, my distribution list are NOT technical folks. I am not looking to have to tell them to save these files and then open the html; I was hoping to just attach the html file like I did with RMarkdown and have them natively open it just like an regular attachment.

What is the best way to transfer/email Quarto produced html documents?

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in the YAML block

Thank you very much. That gave me what I needed to get the solution.

There was one tweak that I needed to make from what you wrote. In the YAML block, I needed to have the true indicator by the self-contained as follows:


Based on your answer, I found this reference post which indicates the answer.


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