Transferring settings, open projects & files to new installation

Hi all, I'm hoping to transfer my RStudio settings, including recent projects and the files they had open, to a new installation on a different machine, and wondering how to do it? I found someone asked essentially the same question in 2018 already but had no response: Transfer default settings and projects to new device


RStudio settings are saved on a JSON file called rstudio-prefs.json that you can copy to your new machine, it is located at:

OS Default Location
Windows %APPDATA%\RStudio
Unix ~/.config/rstudio

But as far as I know, there are no user-configurable files for recent projects and open files.

Fantastic, thanks very much for your response!

I've come across this article which appears to show both where the preferences are stored and the internal state (i.e. open tabs & projects):

So whilst the preferences are at %APPDATA%\RStudio, internal state is saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\RStudio

Thanks again!

You'll also want to be sure to copy the .Rproj.user folder to the new location -- it is located inside each project folder and contains the open files (etc) in that project.

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