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It doesn't look like my original message was posted properly. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

I am still running into the same transmission error, even though the previous post said that it was fixed. However, now if I try to use the instructions to get rid of the error (reloading the project) I still get the transmission error again and again. What can I do about this? I have students in my class that can no longer access their assignments if they start them during class then go back in later to try and finish.

Hi Jennifer,

Did you try relaunching the project using the instructions in this post: System Status - Error Occurred During Transmission Note: relaunch is different than reloading.

If you're not able to relaunch it, or if relaunch is not working, please send me the project ID so I can take a look.


Hi Andy,

Yes we were relaunching the project per the instructions you linked to and we kept getting the transmission error over and over again. However, I just tried again and this time after getting the transmission error the first time I relaunched and it loaded properly.

Seems like it is working again for now - I will let you know if that changes.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry actually this problem is not fixed. I was able to 'relaunch' on my phone and get it to open, but then my student tried on her computer and she kept getting the transmission error. I then tried on my computer and I am also getting the transmission error every time I try to relaunch.

I'm sorry, but I don't know how I find the project ID - can you let me know where that is?


I'm sorry to hear that re-launching didn't solve the problem for you. If you send me the URL for the project or projects that are having the problem, I can dig into this further.


Here is the URL for the project:

I think all the other students were able to 'relaunch' and get theirs to open.


Hi there,

I am still getting the same error message --> transmission error

Many thanks

Is there a solution to this yet?


I was able to log in to that project and run the repair steps. Please let know if the user is still unable to access it.


Hi Andy,

I just tried and I still get the transmission error over and over again. Would it be possible for you to just download and send me the R script and I can have her make a new project? This way she can still finish the assignment and we don't have to keep trying to get this to open.



Sorry for the back on forth on this while we try to understand why this is happening. I've made one more more change to that project (reinstalled cpp11) and am hopeful that this has fixed the problem. Can you try again and let us know if that changed anything?


Hi Sam,

No unfortunately that did not change anything. I am still getting the same transmission error over and over when I try to relaunch the project.


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