travis "there is no package called ..."

I have a project using travis with bookdown. Everything is fine until i try to library packages installed from gitHub. The project renders fine locally.
For example:

In the DESCRIPTION file i have

Remotes: account/repo

and then in index.rmd i have

but travis throws and error "there is no package called repo"

Any advice on troubleshooting this would be welcomed

There must have been some changes with travis because this is strange behaviour! I found a fix by adding the following line to the travis yml

r_github_packages: account/repo

Not sure why this is necessary now when it wasn't before!


One hint I have: Do you also have the package name correctly in Imports ?
As supposed so,but as it is not mention in your post, this could be a why as this is required per the doc

r_github_packages is definitly a good solution though,.

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