Trends In Data Science - 2020 Shiny Contest Submission

Trends In Data Science

Authors: Tony Ward
Working with Shiny for 1+ years

Abstract: The main goal of this app is to monitor the trends in the UK data science job market.

Full Description: As a contractor of 10 years plus I always have one eye on the job boards, asking myself

  • How many roles match my skill set?
  • How much do these roles pay?
  • What skills are in-demand?
  • Where should I focus my learning efforts?
    So, I built a web-scraper to search for “data scientist” on JobServe. I scheduled this to occur daily, processed the data (removed duplicates, feature engineering, visualisations, models) and sent the output to this shiny app.

At the time of writing the app has data on 4000 jobs, and has allowed me to
identify in-demand skills using topic modelling applied to the job description.

Category: Research
Keywords: job descriptions, R vs Python,
Shiny app:
RStudio Cloud: I'm hosting the app on my personal website


Full image:

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