Trigger an event in Shiny from outside the Shiny App (e.g over the internet or through an email)

I am currently working on a shiny app with a friend and we are currently stuck on a problem. The app sends an email (using mailR) to us when the user performs some actions (which consists of inputting some texts). Then we have to approve or disapprove the contents entered by the user. If we approve, the contents is sent to a number of other email addresses (using mailR again) and if we disapprove, the content is not sent.

However, we can't seem to find a way to talk to shiny (over the internet or any other way) to let it know whether we approve or disapprove without opening the shiny app itself or interacting with it. In the ideal case, we want to include an approval button in the email that gets sent to us when a user inputs some texts. If we click this button, shiny will receive the event or command and then do what we ask. But we do not want to have to open up the shiny app and click a button to approve. I want to know if this is possible and if it is a feasible way of approaching the problem.


I was able to achieve something like this using the ```

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