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I am having trouble starting RStudio Desktop 1.3.1093 for the first time. I am using R 4.0.3. It starts up, but it shows a loading screen for a while, and comes up with a message saying "R is taking longer to start than usual." It then gives the options to reload or terminate R.

The given error message is "[No error available]" and similar for the process output. The log is:
10 Nov 2020 00:19:46 [rsession-arlo.taylor] WARNING Abort requested; LOGGED FROM: bool __cdecl rstudio::session::connection::checkForAbort(class rstudio_boost::shared_ptr,const class rstudio_boost::function<void __cdecl(void)>) src/cpp/session/http/SessionHttpConnectionUtils.cpp:140

I am on windows 10. I have tried RGui and it works fine.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled both R and RStudio multiple times.


From RStudio Desktop Will Not Start on

Have you tried resetting RStudio's state?

I just tried it, and the same error occurred.

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I am experiencing the same error, similar to RStudio Desktop keeps crashing. From what that thread talked about, it might be important to try to find which project R is trying to load, but I do not know and don't know a way to figure this out. I have also tried deleting .Rdata and .Rproj.user files/folders but the same error keeps coming up.

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