Trouble uploading first Shiny App

Hi, I finally made my first Shiny app! I tried uploading this to but i get this error message

Uploading bundle for application: 1927156...Error in inferAppPrimaryDoc(appPrimaryDoc = appPrimaryDoc, appFiles = appFiles,  : 
  Application mode static requires at least one document.
Calls: <Anonymous> ... withStatus -> force -> bundleApp -> inferAppPrimaryDoc
Execution halted

This app uses *.csv files along with *.shp files that is loaded from my data folder. Im curious if this is probably the reason its giving me an error?

any help appreciated, take care!


I'm not familiar with this error, but are you sure your R project is set to the Shiny app base folder? If you want to upload an app, there needs to be at least one app.R file in the folder, and all other materials have to be in the same folder or sub-folders.

So make sure you open the project that contains the app (if you don't have one create one), then ensure all files are in the project folder, then try again uploading using the built-in buttons at the top of the code pane.

Hope this helps,


This solved it, thank you!!

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