Trouble with bar plot 2 categorical variable x axis

Famíly Moon Resíduo
Epinephelidae crescente 52.893
Epinephelidae cheia 47.021
Epinephelidae minguante 0.043
Epinephelidae nova 0.043
Lutjanidae crescente -1.248
Lutjanidae cheia 2.635
Lutjanidae minguante -0.139
Lutjanidae nova -1.248

I want to plot like this:


what did you try so far ?

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resfam<-read.csv("residuo-barplot.csv", sep = ";")
resfami<-ggplot(resfam, aes(x = Lua, y = Resíduo, fill = Família)) + geom_bar(position="identity", stat = "identity", width = 0.5) + theme_classic()

but i would like 2 bars representing the families in the x axis instead of using "fill" to separate them.

You are looking for the group aesthetic and you need to use position dodge to put bar next to another.

Look at documentation for example of position_dodge()

one possible answer if you don't want to try yourself
tab <- tibble::tribble(
          ~Family,       ~Moon, ~Residuo,
  "Epinephelidae", "crescente",   52.893,
  "Epinephelidae",     "cheia",   47.021,
  "Epinephelidae", "minguante",    0.043,
  "Epinephelidae",      "nova",    0.043,
     "Lutjanidae", "crescente",   -1.248,
     "Lutjanidae",     "cheia",    2.635,
     "Lutjanidae", "minguante",   -0.139,
     "Lutjanidae",      "nova",   -1.248

ggplot(tab, aes(x = Moon, y = Residuo)) + 
  geom_col(aes(group = Family), position = "dodge", fill = "lightblue") +

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