Trouble with confidence intervals and smoothing a line in a plot (ggplot)

I want to plot a variable called 'SP', according to different conditions nested in a variable called 'DELAY'. Each of my participants got a SP score for each DELAY conditions.

  • Here is a sample of my data & the plot I get :

  • Here is my code :
    ggplot(dataSP) + aes(x = DELAY, y = SP) +
    stat_summary(fun = mean, geom = "point") +
    stat_summary(fun = mean, geom = "smooth") +

Now, I would like to smooth the line (I tried a lot of things but the function smooth doesn't seem to work), and to add confidence intervals . I think I don't succeed in doing any of it because of the way I aggregate the data to construct the plot, but after hours of searching it was the only way I got a plot that looked like that...

I really tried a lot of things for hours but I am really a beginner with R. Would anyone have an idea of how to smooth my plot and add confidence intervals please ? Thank you !


To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

Short Version

You can share your data in a forum friendly way by passing the data to share to the dput() function.
If your data is too large you can use standard methods to reduce it before sending to dput().
When you come to share the dput() text that represents your data, please be sure to format your post with triple backticks on the line before your code begins to format it appropriately.

( example_df <- structure(list(Sepal.Length = c(5.1, 4.9, 4.7, 4.6, 5, 5.4, 4.6, 
5, 4.4, 4.9), Sepal.Width = c(3.5, 3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.6, 3.9, 3.4, 
3.4, 2.9, 3.1), Petal.Length = c(1.4, 1.4, 1.3, 1.5, 1.4, 1.7, 
1.4, 1.5, 1.4, 1.5), Petal.Width = c(0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 0.2, 
0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.2, 0.1), Species = structure(c(1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 
1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L, 1L), .Label = c("setosa", "versicolor", "virginica"
), class = "factor")), row.names = c(NA, -10L), class = c("tbl_df", 
"tbl", "data.frame")))

Thank you everyone for your answers, I learned how to use reprex and will make a more appropriate post. Have a nice day

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