Trying to install more dictionaries leads to "Dictionary not loaded" error

I am using RStudio Version 1.3.1056 with R version 4.0.2 (2020-06-22) on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

I wanted to add the French spelling dictionary to RStudio, so I went to Global Options->Spelling->Install More Dictionaries. When I clicked on it, it waited a second and then the "Main dictionary language" changed to "Update dictionaries" with no other dictionaries listed. When I try to spellcheck a document, RStudio responds "An error has occurred: (String) : Dictionary not loaded.". I am unable to spellcheck in any language. I tried deleting completely the directory ~/.rstudio-desktop, but that did not fix the problem.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is it a bug or am I doing something incorrectly?


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This sounds like a problem we have fixed very recently (perhaps even this morning!). Restart RStudio and try again -- do you still see the issue?

Presumably I will need to update Rstudio to the latest version then?

You don't, the fix is in the downloaded file.

Sorry to be so obtuse, but what downloaded file? You mean the RStudio update? So I do need to update RStudio?

I think I understand the meaning of your comment - you mean the downloaded dictionaries when you click on "Install more dictionaries", correct? Part of my confusion is that I currently see no way to download additional dictionaries. Right now I only have one "dictionary" that appears - "Update dictionaries" (i.e., if I click the little arrow to change my "main dictionary language", nothing other than "Update dictionaries" appears; see image below). Trying to click on that doesn't seem to do anything and spelling still doesn't work.

Just in case, I updated to the absolute latest RStudio 1.3.1093, but that didn't fix anything. I also completely shut down and restarted RStudio to no avail. I also tried copying a bunch of Hunspell .dic and .aff files from /usr/share/hunspell to ~/.rstudio-desktop/dictionaries/languages-user, which also had no effect - it is as if RStudio doesn't see the files.

You need to reset RStudio's state again (after the fix has been deployed).

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I deleted .rstudio-desktop and .config/RStudio and I rebooted my machine. The behavior is the same - no dictionaries and no spellcheck.

And could you clarify what you mean by "after the fix has been deployed"? How will I know when it has been deployed? Will the fix be a new version of RStudio or a new set of dictionary files that will install when I click on "update dictionaries"?

It has already been deployed, but you said that you have already done this before so I meant that you had to do it again.

This is the fix

If your problem persist, I think you should formally file an issue, for reference, this is the link where I reported the same problem but on a Windows system.

Aargh, I finally found why the reset didn't work. I had deleted .rstudio-desktop, .config/RStudio, but not .config/rstudio. I guess it pays to read the fine print. Now it is working.

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