trying to label points in ggbilot of prcomp (principle component analysis

I'm trying to label point in a biplot (using ggbiplot) of a prinicple component analysis (with prcomp), and I havent been able to figure out how to to it. I've been trying to use label to do this but I haven't figured out the correct format.
Here's my code:
myWinnipegPCA <- prcomp(~avgataxinc + avgvaluedw + unemployp
+ conpre60p + conpost60p + nocartrnsp, + aboriginp + femlpartfp + nopsep + immigrntp, scale=TRUE,
retx=TRUE, data=myWinnipeg)
ggbiplot(myWinnipegPCA, label = ??, labels.size = 3, alpha = 1, var.axes = TRUE)

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