Tutorial reporting tables with the R3port package - Table Contest Submission

Tutorial reporting tables with the R3port package

Authors: Richard Hooijmaijers
Affiliations: LAP&P

Abstract: This tutorial shows how the R3port package can be used to report various types of tables. The package is developed to easily create pdf or html reports including tables, listings and plots created in R. This tutorial is focused on creation and customization of tables in various formats, and how full reports can be generated for these tables.

Full Description:

Table Type: static-print
Submission Type: Tutorial
Table: https://richardhooijmaijers.github.io/tutorial-R3port/
Repo: https://github.com/RichardHooijmaijers/tutorial-R3port
RStudio Cloud:
DT package used:
gt package used: true
reactable package used:
flextable package used:
huxtable package used:
kableExtra package used:
Other packages: R3port, xtable, dplyr, tidyr, NHANES