Two Shiny Apps in one RMarkdown Flexdashboard

Good coders

Please lend me your ears. I am on an air-gaped system so I cannot share with you my code or data without a whole lot of paperwork. My apologies, I want to know if this is a known issue.

I am using RStudio Server 1.01 and Shiny-Server 1.5.3. I have an RMarkdown Flexdashboard runtime:shiny and it works perfectly for about 15 minutes. Then on the embedded shiny apps it will show Not Found on the frame.

Has anyone seen this before? I am using two shiny apps with the shinyAppDir() or shinyAppFile() linking technique. Either way the link works for about 15 minutes. The apps use the DT:renderDataTable() construct to let the user select rows with input$myDat_rows_selected. This either slices the data to send it to leaflet in one app or visNetwork in the second. I have them running on independent DataTables.

Everything works independently and everything works together, very briefly. What is happening behind the scenes that is causing my Shiny Apps to be Not Found.

Thanks for all your awesome work! :eagle:

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