UI problem for "Modify Keyboard Shortcuts"


I have a problem with the UI used for "Modify Keyboard Shortcuts" under the "Tools" menu. No keybinding conflict indicator and additional information is displayed when I add a keybinding that masks another in the same scope or greater. Also, when I navigate with mouse to select the cell inside the row and column of a shortcut to change the keybinding but do not change anything the UI indicates that the row has been changed.
I've tried:
restoring all preferences to defaults
full uninstall - restart computer - install of RStudio using both my current version (1.4.1717) and an older one (1.4.1103).
Disabling other applications that customize keyboard shortcuts
Windows 10.0.19042
R 4.1.0
RStudio 1.4.1717

> search()
 [1] ".GlobalEnv"        "tools:rstudio"     "package:stats"     "package:graphics"  "package:grDevices"
 [6] "package:utils"     "package:datasets"  "package:methods"   "Autoloads"         "package:base" 

So far I'm not aware of any other affected RStudio functions, It seems to work just fine. But It bothers me that it's not functioning as intended, so please help.