unable to allocate memory (in xspline)

Hi There, when I ran the code below, I met the error said "unable to allocate memory (in xspline)". Could someone help figure out what's going wrong? Thank you very much!
plot(t_net_its,vertex.label=NA,vertex.size=tits_nodesizes,layout=coords_t_its,mark.groups=list(t_mods_list_cs$1, t_mods_list_cs$2,t_mods_list_cs$3,t_mods_list_cs$4,t_mods_list_cs$8),mark.col=t_cols, mark.border=t_cols)

Error in xspline(cl$rescoords, shape = shape, open = FALSE, col = col, :
unable to allocate memory (in xspline)

How much data are you trying to plot?

If t_net_its is too large, you could get an write error about this.

EDIT: a word.

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