Unable to clear console history for Assignment

I'm encountering an issue that I believe is the same problem reported in this previous thread:

This is occurring in this project: RStudio Cloud

In my view of the project, the R console looks empty, and .Rhistory is empty. However, when a student starts the assignment, they can see the last three commands I ran while testing the assignment:

In this particular case it doesn't matter much (nothing about the assignment is spoiled by seeing those three lines) but I am concerned that I don't know how to fix this issue for future assignments and projects. Is there a fix for this?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Unfortunately, we're still working on a solution to this problem. One workaround, which we are investigating, and you are welcome to test for yourself, is to remove the directory /cloud/project/.Rproj.user/ctx before the project is copied. I recommend testing this on a sample project that you don't really need, just in case there is some unintended side effect.


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