Unable to connect PostgreSQL to R Studio Due to "R Session Aborted" Error


pw <- {
  "my password"
drv <- dbDriver("PostgreSQL")
con <- dbConnect(drv, dbname = "learning",
                 host = "localhost", port = 5432,
                 user = "postgres", password = pw)

Hello everyone,

When I try to connect PostgreSQL to R Studio using 'RPosgreSQL' package, I keep getting 'R Session Aborted: R encountered a fatal error. The session was terminated' error.

Above is the code I used. I ran each command separately and I found out that 'dbConnect' function always causes this error. (Installing & loading & 'dbDriver' function works just fine). I checked dbname & user by using 'current.database()' & 'current.user()' command, so I believe they are correct and I also confirmed that port# is '5432'.

I have done some research, but I was not able to find good solutions and anyone who is going through the same issue, so any help would be much appreciated...

Thank you very much.