Unable to connect to Rstudio Server

We are unable to connect to our Rstudio installation on Ubuntu.

There is no output from sudo rstudio-server verify-installation on the command line. Does this mean that there are no errors or that the rstudio-server verify-installation command is not working?


I'm sorry to hear about your trouble! Is this an RStudio Server Pro installation? If so, definitely feel free to reach out to our professional support team at support@rstudio.com ! If I recall correctly off-hand, the verify-installation command is primarily intended for use with the Launcher. If you are not using the Job Launcher, you should probably resort to using the commands below.

A few other diagnostic pieces you can do to see if the service is up, or what is wrong:

rstudio-server status
journalctl -u rstudio-server
netstat -lntp

If you can share the output of these commands, that would be helpful (either here or when opening a support ticket)!


Thank you for your reply. We fixed the problem with a reboot of the server. Also one of our researchers was working remotely and needed their IT department to open the port 8787.

All working now.


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