Unable to convert string to a number

I loaded a .csv and one of the values is classified as a string, even though it's all numbers. I'm having difficulty turning the values into numbers.

I tried using the to.numeric() and the stroi() functions, but kept getting error messages

Please show a bit of your data. An easy way to do that is to post the output of the dput() function. If your data have been loaded into a data frame named DF, run


and post the output here. Put a line with three back ticks just before and after the output you post, like this
Output of dput() goes here

c("42.75", "N/A", "48.91", "26.92", "29.95", "28.30")

That's my output, and R reads it as a character. Whatever solution I can find, I'm given an error message.

Using as.numeric() works for me.

X <- c("42.75", "N/A", "48.91", "26.92", "29.95", "28.30")
Xnum <- as.numeric(X)
Warning message:
NAs introduced by coercion 
[1] 42.75    NA 48.91 26.92 29.95 28.30
[1] "numeric"

The warning is displayed because "N/A" cannot be converted to a number.
I chose to store the result in a new variable named Xnum but you could overwrite the original variable X with the result of as.numeric(X).

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