Unable to create a selectInput of 1 column dataframe

I'm trying to select a sample of data using selectInput. I'd like to build a dropdown menu of the specific sample_ids in my dataframe, and use that to subset that sample id from a larger dataframe to graph later. However, I'm unable to correctly build this dropdown menu.

Download the two sample files here

Create a folder in your working directory named "SampleDataFolder" and upload the .csv files to this folder to run the code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


SpadeFiles <- dir("SampleDataFolder", recursive = TRUE, pattern = "*.csv", full.names = TRUE)   #load .csv files from within "SampleDataFolder"

SpadeData <- tibble(filename=SpadeFiles) %>%
    mutate(file_contents = map(filename,  ~ read_csv(.,skip=3,col_names = c("time", "torque"),
    col_types = cols_only(col_double(),col_double(),col_skip(),col_skip()))))   #mutate file contents

FullSpade <- unnest(SpadeData, cols = c(file_contents))     #unnest file contents

FullSpade <- separate(FullSpade, filename,sep = "/",into = c("folder","sample_id"))     #separate path info into multiple columns

UnqSI <- unique(FullSpade[c("sample_id")])  #create a df of the unique sample_ids

UnqSI[sapply(UnqSI, is.character)] <- lapply(UnqSI[sapply(UnqSI, is.character)], as.factor)     #make the UnqSI a df of factors

UnqSI <- as.data.frame(UnqSI)   #make sure the df is a df

ui <- fluidPage(
    selectInput("ds", "Please select a dataset: ", choices = UnqSI),

server <- function(input, output, session) {

shinyApp(ui, server)

An image of my workspace and the app while it is running is attached. The cursor flashes in the dropdown bar, but I am unable to see or select the dropdown no matter where I click.

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