Unable to deploy on shinyapp.io

I have recently updated the rsconnect package every time I try to deploy to shinyapps.io I get the following message

[2023-07-18 16:23:17.834411] Generate manifest.json
:information_source: Capturing R dependencies from renv.lock

  • Operation canceled.
    Execution halted

Had a similar issue this morning. As it's been a while since I published an app, I can't remember what to look for:

> ℹ Capturing R dependencies with renv
> - Operation canceled.
> Execution halted

I think the issue is the version of rsconnect ie version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

Try and use an older version such us 0.8.29. It should work. use the following code to get that version.

remotes::install_version("rsconnect", "0.8.29")

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I think @OGORO has got it right. This seems to happen from recent update. There is a issue created here for that. Deployments with `renv.lock` do not preserve `renv.lock` in content bundle · Issue #926 · rstudio/rsconnect · GitHub

Downgrading the rsconnect package temporarily resolves the issue.

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This worked for me - thanks.

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you can also set :

options(rsconnect.packrat = TRUE)