Unable to get help pages: Error in tools::startDynamicHelp() : internet routines cannot be loaded

I used to be able to type ?print and get the help page for a package. After updating Rstudio using the .deb installer, I get an error instead:

> ?print
starting httpd help server ...Error in startDynamicHelp(TRUE) : internet routines cannot be loaded

I'm using RStudio version 1.2.1114 Build 1104 (2e0f7658) on Ubuntu. I use a conda environment:

josephe@josephe-laptop:~$ echo $RSTUDIO_WHICH_R

I checked this stack overlflow question: https://github.com/ContinuumIO/anaconda-issues/issues/4421 but it hasn't helped.

I have libssh2 and krb5 installed and the issue still persists.

Any ideas?

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